Booster Club Board & Volunteers

The ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team is supported by a large number of parents making up the Booster Club Board and others volunteer positions throughout the season. Volunteering is a great way to support your skier, meet other parents, and get more involved in the ISD 196 skiing community. There will be additional opportunities to volunteer during the season, which will be communicated via TeamSnap. Contact Clark Kerndt ( to volunteer or with questions.

Booster Club Board for 2023/2024


Clark Kerndt

Vice President

Emilie Berglund


Kristin Wanken


Ross Beckwith


Emilie Berglund


For website or process issues, please contact Emilie at

Volunteer Leads for 2023/2024

Photography Coordinator

Lead: Mary Kerr

Team Photo Poster

Lead: Emilie Berglund

Assistant: Sandy Davidson

Training Trips

Lead: Katie Brown

Assistant: Matt Percival

Volunteer/Home Meet Coordinator

Lead: Karen Gridley

Assistant: Bonnie Carlson

Skier Recruiting Champion

Lead: Clark Kerndt

Assistant: Captains

Course Maintenance Coordinator

Lead: Scott Lyon

Assistant: Mikael Wolke

Uniform Coordinator

Lead: Andrea Poppinga

Assistant: Mary Kerr

Equipment Coordinator

Lead: Andrea Poppinga

Assistant: Mary Kerr

Championship T-Shirts 

Lead: Chrissy Beckwith

Assistant: Emilie Berglund

Annual Skier Bonfire

Lead: Ross Beckwith

Assistant: his posse


Annual End-of-Season Banquet 

Lead: Kristin Wanken

Assistant: Emilie Berglund

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ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club