Team Apparel

Apparel options are available via the TeamSnap store throughout the season. Ordering and payment for the clothing items are completed through the third-party TeamSnap website. Note that the Booster Club does not make money off of skiers' clothing purchases.

Some of the many options display below.

Black hooded sweatshirt with logo

black sweatshirt with logo

Gray long-sleeved shirt with text

gray long-sleeved t-shirt with text

Blue women's t-shirt with logo

blue women's t-shirt with logo

White hooded sweatshirt with text

white sweatshirt with text

Other team items

More information will be available at the beginning of next season for each of the following.

Team headbands

If you want to order a team headband, go to Team Headbands.

Parent hats

Go to ourĀ Parent Hats. To obtain one or more hats, message Emilie.

Team stickers

The stickers below display against a dark background and look fantastic on iPads, phones, water bottles, AND cars! To obtain additional vinyl team stickers with the team's logo, message Emilie.


ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club