Thanksgiving Training Trip (TTT)

What is the TTT?

The Thanksgiving Training Trip (fingers crossed for snow!) will take place this year on November 24 - 26, 2023. This is an OPTIONAL trip intended for Varsity skiers and skiers with experience and fitness to ski 20 km.

This year's trip destination is Ironwood, MI where skiers will ski at ABR. Boys and girls skiers will stay at separate airbnb houses along with the coaches and chaperones. 

All food will be provided by skiers' families, who will have the opportunity to sign up for food donations ahead of the trip. A sign-up will be provided to do so.

The cost per skier will be approximately $175.

It is crucial that parents check their skier's health before the trip and keep the skier home if they are unwell.

How do I sign up my skier?

Sign up your skier on Registration for the Thanksgiving Training Trip. Food-specific preferences can be cited in the registration form.

What is the itinerary?

Find the three-day itinerary on Itinerary for Thanksgiving Training Trip.

How do I sign up as a chaperone?

We are all set with chaperones for this year. No additional chaperones are needed. Thank you!

What and how should my skier pack?

Go to Packing List for Thanksgiving Training Trip to learn more.

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