Team Enrollment

The first step for joining the ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team is to register through your skier's school My Payments Plus.  Next, complete the team enrollment process for your skier on this website.

View the steps and expenses involved in preparing skiers and their families for the season on Skier Checklist & Expenses.

Team enrollment form


The team enrollment form will include basic contact information for your skier and you but also

  • Request that you communicate any medical conditions to Coach Abery (information kept private).
  • Ask about your skier's grade, school, and previous years on the team -- all required information for the team and structure.
  • Allow you to rent skis (one or two pairs) for the season from the ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club.

We recommend you add a non-school email account for your skier.


Any waivers required for your skier based on your responses will be provided for electronic signature.



At the end of the form, the fees page loads with required fees and optional purchases. If you have concerns about paying Booster Club dues, please contact the Booster Club (email in footer).

Required fees:

  • Booster Club suggested dues (Dues for sixth graders are $0.)
  • Rental skis, if your skier will rent one pair or two pairs from the Booster Club
  • Three Rivers Parks pass, unless your family has one already

Optional purchases from the Booster Club:

  • Kick wax kit
  • Wax remover

Please note that TeamSnap will add a processing fee (~$10) to the invoice.

Again, if you have concerns about Booster Club payments or any questions about this process, please contact the Booster Club.

Upon completion

Upon completion of the form and fee payment, you will receive an email with information for accessing the TeamSnap app, the critical component for communication throughout the season.  Once your skier is added to the roster (by the Booster Club), your skier will receive an email inviting them to the team.

Skiers who purchased kick wax kits, wax remover, and Three Rivers Parks passes will receive them at the beginning of the season. Rental ski fittings will be added to the team schedule.

Select the Team Enrollment button below to enroll your skier. Initially, it may seem like the parent should register him/herself, but the participant to be added is the skier.


Note: The form has been removed for the season and will return next season.


ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club

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