Example Scenarios of Skier Expenses

The following are examples of skier expenses based on their grade level, experience, and how they obtain their equipment based on data included on Skier Checklist & Expenses and Equipment. The examples are a subset of all the possibilities and assume purchase of equipment specifically from Finn Sisu -- not purchasing from another store or purchasing used equipment, which skiers are welcome to do.

In the tables below, an asterisk, * , after an item indicates that this expense is paid for as part of the team enrollment process.

Sylvia the 6th Grader and New Skier

As a sixth grader, Sylvia will not pay Booster Club dues.  She will rent two pairs of skis from the Booster Club and will purchase two pairs of poles, a pair of Combi/Pursuit ski boots, the Three Rivers Parks pass, the kick wax kit, and wax remover.  Sylvia will not join the winter ski trip.

Aidan the 8th Grader and Returning Skier

Last year was Aidan's first year as a seventh grader.  His poles and boots still fit, but Aidan only gets to rent a single pair of skis now.  Aidan will pay Booster Club dues, rent one pair of skis from the Booster Club,  and use his two sets of poles and Combi/Pursuit boots from last year.  He will purchase a single pair of skis and the Three Rivers Parks pass.  Aidan's kick wax kit and wax remover from last year will make it through the coming season.  Aidan will not join the winter ski trip.

Elaine the 11th Grader and Returning Skier

Elaine is in the eleventh grade and has grown a lot in the past couple years -- so much that she needs to purchase ALL new gear.  Elaine will pay Booster Club dues and attend the winter ski trip.  Her family has a family pass to Three Rivers Parks already.  Elaine can still use her kick wax kit and wax remover from last year.

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