Team Stickers & Parent Hats

Team stickers

The stickers below display against a dark background and look fantastic on iPads, phones, water bottles, AND cars! To obtain additional vinyl team stickers with the team's logo, email the Nordic Booster Club.


Parent hats

Parents, some FUN hats are available to you. Wearing these hats will show support for the team AND help parents recognize other parents at meets. Community building for sure! Yep, understood we are also a little late on this effort...

See this hat in action...Ā  Look at those beautiful parents with the big smiles in the photo below. Who wouldn't want a hat (besides Matt Wees kickin' it old school, which inspired the new hats)?

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 9.47.25 AM

The Booster Club suggests a $12 donation for each hat.

If you are interested in a hat, message Emilie.


ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club