Skier Checklist & Expenses

Nordic skiing involves two different methods, Classic and Freestyle/Skate, where skiers require different sets of equipment for each method.

Freestyle/Skate ski method
Freestyle/Skate ski method
Classic ski method
Classic ski method

In addition, skiers will experience Minnesota's wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. To help parents prepare their skiers for the coming Nordic ski season, we have outlined a gear checklist and expected expenses, beyond the registration fees and other payments.


Our goal is to have all payments completed via TeamSnap invoicing or Venmo and forms completed electronically. However, we are flexible with skiers and parents.

Nordic Ski Team preparations checklist

To parents: The following require completion ahead of the ski season start, typically in mid-November.

  1. My Payments Plus registration and Team Enrollment: See Team Enrollment.
  2. TeamSnap app installation: Upon enrollment, TeamSnap will send you a link to install and set up the app for notifications, schedule, etc.
  3. Clothing: Purchase appropriate outdoor clothing that is listed in Clothing.
  4. Equipment: The gear your skier needs depends on whether they are a new or returning skier and if skis are rented from the ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club or purchased separately. See Equipment for more information. For new skiers, we will help you navigate this process as the season starts.
  5. Website exploration: Get to know the TeamSnap app and the contents of this website.  All of the information here wil help skiers and families know what to expetc as the season gets underway.

Anticipated expenses

The tables below outline the costs for participating in the ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team beyond your skier's My Payments Plus registration fee AND equipment.  To view estimates of equipment purchase prices, see Equipment.

To view examples of skiers' costs based on their grade level, experience, and how they obtain their equipment (rental or purchase), see Example Scenarios of Skier Expenses ».

For the convenience of using TeamSnap to pay for dues, an additional charge of approximately $10 will be added to any invoices. We will minimize these charges as much as possible.

ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club dues

Suggested dues for each skier to support the Booster Club is based on the skier's grade.  

Additional Costs

The following are costs beyond your skier's My Payments Plus registration, Booster Club dues, and equipment.

Nordic Ski Rental

Middle school and first-year high school skiers may rent both pairs of skis from the ISD 196 Nordic Ski Booster Club. Second-year high school skiers may rent a single pair. See Ski Rental Program for more information.
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