Ski Rental Program

New skiers are encouraged to NOT purchase skis their first year in the program as

  • • The skier may not like the sport.
  • • The skier is probably still growing and skis are fit by weight.  (Coaches do not want skiers having to purchase new skis each year.)

Second-year and third-year skiers have opportunity to rent a single pair of skis based on availability.

To enroll in the ski rental program, choose the option to rent skis when completing the Team Enrollment form.

Once the full team is registered, Coach Abery will confirm the list of intended ski renters; therefore, if a skier did not identify during team registration as needing rentals, they can add their name to the list of renters.  Once the list is finalized, Coach Abery will communicate dates and location for ski fitting and rentals.

Priority is granted as follows:

  • • 1st-year skiers are guaranteed one set of Classic and one set of Freestyle skis.
  • • 2nd-year skiers are provided one set of skis.  Another pair will have to be purchased.
  • • 3rd-year skiers will be fit for rental skis from what remains after 1st- and 2nd-year skiers have been fit.

Skiers are responsible for the replacement cost of all lost equipment as well as broken equipment, if the damage was a result of misuse.

At the end of the season, the ski rental return process will be communicated.

  • • If ski ties are missing, there will be a $7.00 replacement charge.
  • • If skis are returned with kick wax still on them, there will be a cleaning charge of $20.00 per pair of skis.

Steps to complete for rental process

Ahead of the skier's scheduled ski fitting, the skier/parents will:

  • Sign the Ski Rental Form as part of the Team Enrollment process.
  • Pay for the rental - $75 for two pairs of skis or $50 for one pair of skis - during the Team Enrollment process.
  • Receive notification of date and time for ski fitting via TeamSnap.

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