Packing List for Winter Training Trip

What should skiers pack?

Ski gear

Your Classic and Freestyle/skate ski gear are needed.

  • Both pairs of skis
  • Rock skis if you have them
  • Both pairs of ski boots or your Combi boots
  • Both pairs of poles


You want to remain warm and dry, comfortable in the evenings and on the bus.

  • Ski clothing for four workouts (Day 1: one workout, Day 2: two workouts, Day 3: one workout)
  • Warm clothes for colder temperatures, like a balaclava (covering face and head), buff, headband, and/or hat
  • Extra gloves or mittens
  • Extra warm socks
  • Snow boots, if you have room
  • Pajamas
  • Comfortable clothing for evening gatherings and the bus trip home

If you like to keep your sweaty clothes separate from your clean clothes, you might pack a large plastic bag to separate them.


You are staying in a home where bedding is provided. No toiletries are provided. Pack your own towel in the event there are not enough in the house.

Additionally, consider what you may want at night in your room.

  • Headlamp
  • Phone/device charger
  • Cards, board games


You are welcome to bring snacks. Coach Abery suggests aiming for high protein and without sugar.

How should skiers pack?

Four bags are needed. Make sure your name is on the outside of EVERY bag.

Your daypack/backpack will stay with you on the bus to and from Biwabik. All other bags will travel under the bus.

Bag 1: Daypack/backpack

This bag will stay with you on the bus both ways.

  • A lunch and drink from home for the trip north
  • Money for the return trip as the group will stop to get fast food
  • Skate boots
  • Ski clothes/gear for first ski session on Day 1
  • Sports bottle with water or sports drink

Bag 2: Ski bag

Skis will travel under the bus.

  • Both pairs of skis and rock skis, if you have them
  • Both pairs of poles
  • Classic boots
  • If you are not using a ski bag, make sure skis and poles are securely tied together. Rubber bands do not work.

Bag 3: Garbage bag

If you are bringing a blanket and/or pillow, include them in a garbage bag with duct tape having your name on it.

Bag 4: Overnight pack (suitcase or duffle bag)

All ski clothing, snacks, toiletries, etc. that are not needed in your daypack/backpack.

This bag will not be available until you arrive at your housing location after Friday's ski.

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