Winter Training Trip (WTT)

What is the WTT?


The annual Winter Training Trip will take place this year on December 28 - 30th, 2022. This is an OPTIONAL trip intended for skiers who can ski and are not still learning to ski.

This year's trip destination will be Giant's Ridge » in Biwabik, MN with over 60 km of cross-country ski trails. Skiers will stay at Camp Warren », staying separate cabins for boys and girls. There is a dining hall where skiers will eat food prepared by Camp Warren. Coaches and chaperones will stay in a separate cabin from skiers.

Cost per skier will be approximately $200 per skier.

It is crucial that parents check their skier's health before the trip and keep the skier home if they are unwell.

Your main point of contact for the trip is Katie Brown. Email her at

What is the itinerary?

Find the three-day itinerary on Itinerary for Winter Training Trip.


How do I sign up my skier?

Sign up your skier on Registration for Winter Training Trip. Food-specific preferences can be cited in the registration form.

If your skier would like to join the group to ski but will drive separately or stay at a separate location, please indicate this on the form.

How do I sign up as a chaperone?

A total of four parent chaperones are needed--two men and two women--who will stay in the separate girls and boys cabins. We have four volunteers for this trip, but we appreciate additional volunteers should anyone have to back out.

Please sign up in your skier's registration form.

What should my skier pack?

Go to Packing List for Winter Training Trip to learn more.


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