Pods for Ski Waxing

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To prepare Classic skis for a meet, skiers gather in a "waxing pod" at a skier's home the evening (usually right after practice) before race day. At the waxing pod, skiers will follow the Waxing for Meets steps from Ski Waxing to prepare their skis. It is also a great way for skiers to get to know each other.

The waxing pod is hosted by a skier's family who volunteers to host the pod for the season. The pod is equipped with a waxing bench, glide wax remover, glide wax, and a brush from the Booster Club. The waxing pod will last approximately one hour while the waxing of a single pair of skis requires 20 to 30 minutes.

All families are welcome to volunteer, but ski prepping will be most comfortable in a heated garage, a garage with space heaters, or a basement.

To all skiers: Be respectful of the waxing pod hosts and space. Clean up after yourself and others before leaving.

How do I volunteer to host a waxing pod?

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Once waxing pods are set up, the Booster Club will provide hosts with the equipment -- waxing bench, glide wax remover, glide wax, brush -- and instruction to conduct the waxing sessions. The skiers should already know how to wax skis from the Ski Waxing Clinic (see Ski Waxing) or previous seasons on the team.

Sign-ups for a waxing pod are available via Sign Up Genius >>  with specific addresses sent out via TeamSnap email.

Once signed up for a waxing pod location, the skier will go to this same house the evening ahead of every meet to prep their skis. Each host skier will set up a TeamSnap chat with the rest of their waxing pod's skiers for communication throughout the season.

Current waxing pods


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