Registration for the 2021 Winter Training Trip

This list was updated to reflect the new trip location of Ironwood, MI. This page will be updated for the 2022 season as needed.

To register your skier for the Winter Training Trip, complete Steps 1, 2, and 3.

Step 1: Skier information

Completion due by December 10th.

Note: The form has been removed for the season and will return next season.

Step 2: Forms and waivers

Completion due by December 20th.

Complete the following three PDF forms.

Email the completed forms to Katie Brown at If you prefer mail to provide the completed forms, you will find Katie's home address in the TeamSnap app if you find Morgan Brown in the roster.

Step 3: Submit payment

Skier families are to pay $200 payment for all skiers should be made by Venmo, no later than December 20th, 2021.

Parents should wait to pay until a request for payment has been sent to them by Leslie Nelson. In addition, parents of winter trip skiers with skier account balance credits (the credit from a rollover of previous years, 2021-2022 season fundraising, or both) will receive an email to confirm if they would like to apply this credit to the cost of the Winter Trip. This email will be sent by the end of the night December 19th. If families indicate they want to utilize credits, then a request for Venmo payment for the remaining cost (Winter Trip cost minus credits) will be sent by end of day December 20th.

Final payments will be requested via Venmo from Nordic Ski Treasurer, @ISD196nordicskiteam.

Please reference the Itinerary for Winter Training Trip and Packing List for Winter Training Trip when preparing.


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